Now at week 15 and 3 days how am I feeling? This morning I feel horrifically hungover, my head is muzzy and feels like it is constructed of cotton wool, I feel lacking in energy, I just want to go back to bed but I need to clean the bathroom and vacuum the carpet and bake in the kitchen whilst humming musically to myself and solve world peace and generally try to be a domestic goddess. In reality if I just manage to clean the bathroom I will be pleased. Obviously, to clarify I am not hungover due to any alcohol intake of which this week there has been none, again, but I am feeling hungover due to pregnancy and the not at all glowing, radiant or full of energy state of pregnancy that everyone tries to tell us we will be.

The frequency of being sick has decreased which is good but this positive development is undone by the frequency of urinating increasing. I am not sure how this is possible but it is. I have now also entered a worrying stage of my life; my name is Catherine and I own a pack of Tena lady. Admittedly not the full-on nappy things but some substantial panty liners for those moments when I let out a little bit of wee without even realising. These particularly came in to their own at orchestra rehearsal on Monday evening. I play the French horn which is a brass instrument…I will let you work out the rest but I will say that it is lucky I don’t play too many high notes in my part. Otherwise I would have to invest in the full-on nappies.

Back to our favourite topic that is Unicorn BREXIT. ITV wants to air a debate between Corbyn and May before I’m a Celebrity on Sunday 9th. Is that because they want more people to watch the debate or more people to watch I’m a Celebrity? I wonder? I guess they are not too far apart in terms of their television genre; I’m a Celeb is classed as a reality programme, but in reality, just helps those who watch it escape their own reality for an hour and then give them something to chat about in coffee shops. I have not watched a single second but I now know that Nick Knowles is on it. I heard a very serious conversation between three adults as to whether they thought Nick was being ‘real’. What??? The BREXIT debate meanwhile is based on anything but reality, formed out of a pack of lies and false promises that has got us to this stage. And I am confused, what really is the point of a TV debate, it can’t affect any outcome can it? The only people who can vote with any impact now are their political colleagues. Can they not reach them through any other means, like at work, or do they know that they will all be in on Sunday evening ready to watch I’m a Celeb wondering how they can get on the show next year.

Back at home and we left Jeff the fern at home on his own for 2 nights whilst we went away for a couple of days – J asked me whether we should take him down to my parents for two days to be looked after. I didn’t quite know how to respond. Jeff now has a little carboard splint for one of his leaves that was growing a little bit strangely. I don’t think J wants him to grow up with any potential to be bullied so is trying to give him every chance to flourish. J then asked me if we should decorate Jeff for Christmas. I am not sure if it is ethical to dress up a fern and objectify it. Must do some research.

On Thursday I will be 16 weeks and Baby Bear will be the size of an avocado. Luckily most of our avocados travel to the UK from outside of the EU. Some come to us from Spain, perhaps trying to find a new home. Not much call for avocado’s in your traditional full English which must be one of the most popular ‘local’ dishes in Benidorm.