Inspiring Women

September 2021

Class of 2021: First wave to see rugby go professional

By Susan Ninan Meerarani Hembram and Arti Kumari are roughly ten years apart in age and at the far ends of their career graphs. The former has spent close to a decade in rugby and the latter is coming off her first-ever international tournament. For both, though, Indian rugby taking strides towards professionalization and players [...]

October 2020

Harlequins Women announce host of star player re-commitments

Harlequins Women announce host of star player re-commitments ahead of 2020/21 Premier 15s season Following the new signing of former England Sevens player Beth Wilcock, Harlequins is delighted to announce the re-commitments of a host of star players ahead of the new season, with the Club's final squad for the 2020/21 season set to [...]

September 2020

The Transition from Player to Referee

HOW REFEREEING MADE ME EXCITED TO GET BACK ON THE RUGBY PITCH by Holly Myers, LAPS Partnership Manager for London & South of England Stepping onto a cold, wet, uneven, community rugby pitch in February this year, was the most nervous I have felt before a rugby game in a long time. It was [...]

August 2019

Mum’s Not the Word 2

At 10 weeks post-partum (posh way to describe after childbirth) I am very familiar with the things that they don’t tell you so I will share some more of my wisdom: Constipation and Haemorrhoids. Neither pleasant. Having really big ‘number 2’s’ (sorry there is no intelligent way of describing this) is also, weirdly, a common [...]

July 2019

Mum’s Not the Word

My last personal blog was written a whole three months ago so I thought it was about time I picked up the pen again, metaphorically speaking, and give you all an update on #BabyBear and #JeffTheFern. A lot has happened in three months. Firstly, I have lost over two stone. Amazing! And I lost the [...]

April 2019

Thea training like a Chief!

Hello. Here is my report. Thanks for putting in on your website!I'm Thea and I play for Bideford RFC U9s. I love rugby and I have been playing since I was in Reception.This week I went to Sandy Park in Exeter to the 2 day Train like a Chief camp. It was really fun. We [...]

Kenyan Rugby Girls

Hello all, I just received this email from Carolyn and Bill Kirk at the Nanyuki Children's Charitable Trust, and I wanted to share it with as many people as I could - as soon as I could - so here it is. As many of you will know, I have already used this platform to [...]

February 2019

Wild Weekends

This weekend J and me went on a mini break; Bridget Jones would have been proud. We did not drive in to the countryside in a convertible, neither did I pack my Bridget Jones pants. I do own numerous pairs but none of them fit and trying to disguise my now 6 month, very obvious [...]


So, at 27 weeks I am due to experience what has been described by one website as ‘Snissing’. Put ‘eezing’ on the end of ‘Sn’ and a ‘P’ in front of ‘issing’ and you can work this out. Oh joy. On a positive I have had plenty of time to prepare myself for this and [...]

January 2019

Getting Competitive

So, the big question this week – did I go swimming on my own? The answer is no, but I did go. At the age of 39 (really 29 if we follow last week’s logic) I made my Mum go with me and I smashed it. 20 lengths of granny breaststroke; though I do think [...]

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