Harlequins announce partnership with Orreco, world-leading experts in female athlete wellness, including nutrition, recovery and wellness around menstrual cycles

Harlequins is delighted to become the first rugby club in the world to establish a relationship with Orreco, the leading sports performance and biomarker company.

Orreco will provide its female Athlete Consultancy program to Harlequins Women, and Harlequins Academy players, plus the Harlequins Foundation through educational workshops with amateur and grassroots women’s teams.

A global leader in bio-analytics and performance for elite athletes, Orreco has a client base that includes WSL Champions Chelsea FC Women, USA Swimming, USA Volleyball, Red Bull High Performance, athletes from the Wasserman Sports Agency including WBNA legends Sue Bird and Nneka Ogwuinike, NBA teams including the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks, and Premier League side Newcastle United.

Orreco is challenging how elite athletes are monitored, protected and supported and will give Harlequins players and coaches access to its FitrWoman App and FitrCoach platforms.

In addition, Orreco will provide detailed individualised reports, action plans and strategies to help manage nutrition, recovery and wellness around the menstrual cycle for Harlequins’ players. Headed up by Director, Sports Science and Female Athlete Lead Dr Georgie Bruinvels, the Female Athlete Consultancy Program helps world-class athletes train in sync with their menstrual cycle to sustain peak performance at the highest level.

Harlequins Women’s Head Physiotherapist Olivia Withers said: “We are delighted to be working with Orreco, and utilising the FitrWoman App, to take the Club to the next level of performance.

“This is an exciting time for Harlequins Women; acknowledging the differences between female and male athletes and pushing the boundaries within elite female sport. FitrWoman enables us to educate, support and individualise aspects of performance whilst at different phases of our players’ cycles thereby creating opportunities to improve and evolve high performance. We want to normalise topics of conversation, such as menstrual cycles, and ensure Harlequins’ Women are influencing future generations of female athletes.”

Commenting on the partnership with Harlequins Women, Dr Brian Moore, CEO of Orreco, said: “We are delighted to partner with Harlequins. It is so exciting to work together to advance the science of elite performance for women in sport. Our FitrWoman and FitrCoach platforms are being deployed to help harness the power of female physiology, so the phenomenal Harlequins athletes can perform their best on any given day.”

About Orreco

Established in 2010, Orreco has offices in Los Angeles, London and Galway, Ireland. Orreco scientists analyse athlete data and deliver evidence-based, personalized strategies to improve recovery rates, optimize training response and protect against excessive fatigue and under-recovery. Clients include teams and franchises in the NBA/WNBA/NFL/WSL/EPL, individual athletes in Olympic sports, F1 drivers, LPGA and PGA tour players including 3 Major winners. To learn more, visit www.orreco.com