Happy New Year everyone!

This year I am going to set up a calendar on the website so we can advertise all the 7s Tournaments going on, to help you know where to go for all the action.

Meanwhile – here is an invitation I received from Nicolas Chambras for the Howard Hinton 7s:

Howard Hinton 7s : June 2018

The 22d edition of the international rugby 7s tournament, Howard hinton Sevens, will be held in Tours, France, the 1rst, 2nd and 3rd of June, 2018.

The organisers offer two rugby 7s challenges in order to allow teams of different level to be able to express themselves on the ground while taking pleasure to play.

CK7s E – 16 teams

The Challenge Chantal Kootz 7’s Elite is open to senior (over 18) women teams with proven higher level of practice, like professional, national or development teams.

CK7s O – 16 teams

The Challenge Chantal Kootz 7’s Open is open to senior (over 18) women teams with a good, or high level of practice, like Championship teams, regional/county or national teams, professional clubs or rugby 7’s specialists.

HH7’s’ Competition Committee will assess the teams’ level for them to be allowed to take part, and may decide to move some from one to the other challenge if considering the differences of practice levels were too unbalanced.

Previous editions, saw the performances of as the following National Teams: French, Spanish, Japanese, Swiss, Belgian, German, Swedish, etc.

For those who only want a more relaxed/social atmosphere, the HH7s offers two Touch Rugby 5s challenges (a clubs and a corporate challenge) open to mixed teams (also only women or only men) held on the 2d of June.

All teams are welcome!

If interested, teams can ask for their application form at the following web address: http://bit.ly/2K18-Inscrip-UK

Nicolas Chambras