Drink coffee and help girls play rugby

My friend Spence sent me a link the other day saying if I bought this coffee online, my money would be used to help develop young girls in Uganda. What’s more – the tool for that development would be Rugby!

No brainer.

Have a read below of this brief introduction to what these marvellous people are doing, then click the link over on the right and buy yourself some fantastic ‘cooffeee’ like I did. Then share this link and story with your friends ;-)

Buy Cooffeee, help girls play rugby in Uganda: No Braine

Buy Cooffeee, help girls play rugby in Uganda: No Brainer


Rugby Tackling Life

As Rugby Tackling Life our main focus is, of course, on women’s Rugby; the development of the sport, finding talent, develop the girls into successful players in order to grow the sport.

We have chosen Rugby as our tool to empower girls and women in Uganda. We realized that we can also:

  • encourage and support our players to continue their education,
  • provide health education from qualified health professionals with the aim to reduce teenage / unplanned pregnancies and transmissions of STD’s and
  • offer career guidance so that our girls can make the best decisions for their future.

Currently, we have 2000 girls playing Rugby in Uganda with the main focus so far on the central region, the East and the North.

The reality for girls in Uganda is still tough.

68% of children do not finish primary school in Uganda, 1 in 4 girls give birth before the age of 19 and subsequently become brides at an early age. Furthermore, cultural stigma teaches girls that sports is are considered unwomanly. Many girls leave school without basic literacy, numeracy, and life skills. Rugby Tackling Life wants to contribute to countering these issues through sport. Rugby engages the girls actively through an upbeat team atmosphere, which builds trust and support, where sensitive issues surrounding sexual violence and reproductive health can be raised and confidence is built.

As Rugby Tackling Life we feel responsible to offer an alternative option to our fellow Ugandan girls and women.

We are implementing Rugby Tackling Life which is run by designated coaches, team manager and or someone already involved with the teams to ensure a continuous support.

Before or after each training session a RUGBY or TACKLING or LIFE topic will be discussed.

Rugby Tackling Life is aimed at our female players but does not exclude boys and men. We want healthy and happy relationships. Both sides have to be part of it.

On this page we will continuously write about our progress!

As it has proven rather challenging to work with corporate sponsors in Uganda we decided to take this up ourselves… read on #COOFFEEE

The link between RTL and COOFFEEE

COOFFEEE is Ugandan coffee, too and we actually developed it ourselves with a fantastic roaster and coffee grower who also firmly believes in empowerment of women through sports. And the reason why we developed COOFFEEE and are selling it is because we will use a share of its profits to finance Rugby Tackling Life because we do not want to create more dependencies but rather work for our money…