So, at 27 weeks I am due to experience what has been described by one website as ‘Snissing’. Put ‘eezing’ on the end of ‘Sn’ and a ‘P’ in front of ‘issing’ and you can work this out. Oh joy. On a positive I have had plenty of time to prepare myself for this and know fully what to expect because I have been experiencing a slightly different version set off by coughing for the last 20 or so weeks. I will take this all in my stride – all be it with my trusty Tena lady at the centre of my stride.

Baby Bear is moving around a little more now but worryingly seems particularly nocturnal, very chilled and relaxed during the day but partying at night. I really hope that this is not a sign for when Baby Bear appears in this world. I am repeatedly telling Baby Bear that it is essential that I get my quota of 10 hours of sleep each night; surely Baby Bear will respect that? I have carried Baby Bear around for the last 6 months – it is the least that can be done to return the favour in another 3 months’ time. And J keeps reassuring me that I will get loads more sleep when Baby Bear arrives; not difficult as my current sleep quota is well below my required hours. Pregnancy insomnia is a thing but I think that J might be just trying to keep me calm at this stage by building my hopes up of a return to sleep in 3 months time rather than sharing actual facts about post-natal sleep.

I can also apparently expect to start to see some changes with my hair and skin. Perhaps my facial hair growth will slow down but the hair on my head will in turn become fuller bodied and shiny and I will be at the centre of a bidding war between a number of different shampoo brands all wanting to feature me for their next round of adverts. Holly Willoughby and Davina McCall watch out. In reality I will probably go grey and the hairs on my chin will get longer and thicker and even darker in colour so that they can’t be missed by anyone and I will get repetitive strain injury from the overuse of my tweezers.

This week my rage has turned to half term rage. Earlier this week when I had to travel to London, I had to stand all the way, for 50 minutes, because of the number of children and families on the train. They even had the nerve to chat to each other and laugh and be noisy. The cheek of it. Just getting the same train as me was bad enough. Don’t they know that I am an incredibly important business women with important meetings to attend? I should not be expected to share public transport with normal people. And then on the tube I had to increase the percentage of tuts per escalator because of the number of people in the underground not understanding the stand on the right rule. Shocking state of affairs. What is this country coming to? Talking of which…

O Brexit, Brexit, wherefore art thou Brexit? Whereas Shakespeare wrote of rival gangs with Romeo and Juliet attempting to blur the boundaries through their love we now see Labour and Tory MP’s joining forces in some kind of central organisational love in. Are we seeing the end to two party politics? Will they succeed were the Lib Dem’s have failed? Meanwhile will anything happen with Brexit? Will the term ‘it’s what the people voted for’ ever stop being used so that my Brexit rage can stop interfering with my half term rage? No, SOME people voted for some kind of Brexit type situation. Many, many, many people did not vote for this. Please stop saying ‘THE’ people. And breathe……

Back to safer ground and rugby and they really important decision that had to be made this week. England have made the decision to play with the roof open at the millennium stadium in Cardiff tomorrow. England will be prepared for the heatwave this weekend having been sunning themselves in Portugal during their tournament preparation, Wales will require water breaks. Not to drink but to pour over their heads and pretend it is raining. When I first went to university in Cardiff in 1997 it rained constantly for the first 5 weeks so I know what I am talking about.

J and me are off to a party this weekend, a 50th. Oh dear. We are old enough to be going to 50th’s. Not good. Not good at all. Let’s see if I can hit 9.30pm. I am feeling positive.

Jeff is continuing to do well in the tropical surrounds of the bathroom. It means he does not get to watch the telly but he seems to be coping with less screen time. Having said that I did once stay in a hotel that had a TV screen embedded in to the shower wall. I remember watching Neighbours whilst washing my bits. A very strange experience it has to be said. Talking of which I think we will shortly find out if Andrea is Dee or if Andrea is really Andrea but Dee is still alive and will make a return; a bit like a born-again Harold. The suspense is too much. I wonder if the truth will emerge before the 29th March. I hope so, there needs to be some certainty before then.