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Saracens have been at the forefront of the women’s game for over 25 years, claiming numerous Premiership and National Cup honours.

The Club currently has two teams that play in the top two tiers of English rugby; the Premiership and the Championship South leagues, with several of the two squads both full XVs and sevens international representatives. Current internationals include England’s Maggie Alphonsi and Hannah Gallagher and Ireland’s Kerrie-Ann Craddock and Hannah Casey.

Head Coach: Rob Cain – Rob Cain joins Saracens as head coach for the upcoming 2014/15 season. Having played professionally and gaining various honours both in the UK and New Zealand, Rob moved into coaching to oversee leading international invitational side, Templars 7 RFC for several years, guiding them to success domestically and worldwide. During this time he was named ‘Coach of the Series’ for the UK domestic Super Sevens Series against peers such as Mike Friday and Tim Walsh. Rob has made the transition into the women’s game, appointed as Coach of U18 Women London and South East Region with great success and also overseeing the Saracens Women’s sevens season.

Pre-season/Open days: Pre-season training – Thursday evenings, 8.00-9.30pm, Allianz Park.

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Premier 15s 2020/21 TEAM PAGE


Saracens 2020/21

1usaAlev KelterScrum Half-419705'6"160lbs7959
2Alexandria Ellis-7000--350
3Alysha Corrigan-8000--400
4Ama Mayes-0000--00
5engAmy GarnettHooker-0000--00
6Anna Goddard-0000--00
7Anna Stodter-0000--00
8April Brown-0210--77
9Becky RobyBack Row-0000--00
10engBryony CleallTH Prop5250001.83m108KG1250
11engCara WardleCentre-90001.72m-450
12usaCarly Waters-1000--50
13Carys HallWing-0000--00
14Catha Jacobs-1000--50
15engChantelle MiellWing-80001.64m-400
16Charlotte BarrasCentre-0000--00
17Charlotte Fredrickson-0000--00
18Chrissy Siczowa-1000--50
19scoCoreen GrantCentre-120001.61m63KG600
20Deborah Fleming-5000--250
21walDonna RoseBack Row220001.70m-100
22engEl Perry103000--150
23Ella Wyrwas-8100--422
24engEllie ‘Egg’ GattlinLock-00001.84m-00
25engEllie BoatmanWing-00001.65m66KG00
26Ellie-Louise LennonScrum Half-0000--00
27engEloise ‘Elo’ HaywardScrum Half-20001.62m-100
28Eloise Bloomfield-0000--00
29Emma Swords-1000--50
30canEmma Taylor-1000--50
31Emma Uren-12000--600
32walFlorence WilliamsCentre, Fly Half1019101.65m69KG4141
33engGarnet MackinderWing-130001.76m77KG650
34walGeorgia EvansLock670001.7m80KG350
35engGeorgia PeedleFull Back-0000--00
36engGeorgie ‘GL’ LinghamWing-269001.80m-14818
37Georgie GulliverScrum Half-1000--50
38Geri Thomas-0000--00
39irlGrace Moore-4000--200
40engHannah ‘Botts’ BottermanLH Prop21310001.69m103KG1550
41irlHannah ‘Choppa’ CaseyCentre-60001.72-300
42Hannah Duffy-1000--50
43Harriet AustinBack Row-0000--00
44engHelena RowlandFly Half101038101.68m66KG12979
45engHolly Aitchison-75110--140105
46Isla Alejandro-4000--200
47walJade KnightScrum Half-00001.68m-00
48Jeanine Layola-4000--200
49engJess BreachWing18150001.68m73KG750
50scoJodie RettieHooker1140001.73m-700
51canJulia Sugawara-00001.63m77KG00
52engKat EvansHooker-100001.65m-500
53Katie Louise BarnesBack Row-1000--50
54Kay Searcy-10001.66m-50
55engKelsey CliffordProp-80001.72m-400
56Laura Dowsett-1000--50
57Laura KapoProp-0000--00
58engLauren CattellCentre25228001.65m73KG6656
59Lauren NewmanBack Row-0000--00
60engLeanne Infante (née Riley)Scrum Half43100017264KG50
61Libby Lockwood-1000--50
62scoLisa ‘Shorty’ MartinCentre, Fly Half50051501.65m-117117
63Liz Crake-00001.78-00
64engLotte ClappWing-530001.69m-2650
65scoLouise McMillanBack Row2440001.75m74KG200
66Loz SalisburyProp-0000--00
67engLucie WoodBack Row-0000--00
68Mackenzie Carson-11000--550
69engMaggie Alphonsi7000001.63m73KG00
70canMandy Marchak-00001.70m77KG00
71Marcella Collins-0000--00
72engMarlie PackerBack Row75710001.65m78KG3550
73engMay CampbellHooker-530001.58m-2650
74Mica EvansProp-00001.78m-00
75Molly MorrisseyLock-0000--00
76Nina VistisenCentre-5600--3712
77canOlivia De merchantProp3300001.75m90KG00
78Penalty Try-9900--6318
79engPoppy CleallBack Row47800001.81m96KG4000
80irlRachel PotterWing-0000--00
81Raijieli LaqeretabuaWing-100001.69m81.7kG500
82engRocky ClarkLH Prop137160001.70m89KG800
83engRosanna MoynihanLock-00005'10"80KG00
84engRosie GalliganLock180001.75m-400
85Rowan White-3000--150
86Sam Martinez GionProp-2000--100
87Sarah ‘Bebs’ BebbingtonBack Row-20001.68m-100
88engSarah ‘MC’ Mckenna35175001.67m-9510
89Sarah Barber-0000--00
90Scarlett Cooper-Wall-0000--00
91Seraphine OkembaWing-4000--200
92Sharifa Kasolo-5000--250
93engSonia ‘Sonic’ GreenBack Row-100001.70m-500
94Sophia John-0000--00
95Sophie De Goede-6400--388
96engSydney GregsonCentre-80001.65m-400
97engTamara TaylorLock11530001.80m83KG150
98Tess Wijmans-0000--00
99Valeria FedrighiLock-0000--00
100engVicky ‘Fleeto’ FleetwoodBack Row, Hooker78160001.65m71KG800
101engZoe HarrisonFly Half34181462101.73m73KG445355