At the end of last season I re-branded from #WER to #WCR – from Women’s Elite Rugby to Women’s Club Rugby – taking my focus down to Tiers two and three, as opposed to Tiers one and two. To help fund this expansion and hopefully cover a lot of the losses I’ve been running up to now, to cover hosting, registration, software licences and labour – I was looking to secure £10 pcm (£120 per season) from the Tier 2 clubs.

After sending out a detailed email in April explaining my thoughts and plans for the new season to the 16 Tier 2 clubs, around half responded to say they might be interested. I chased this with individual emails to each club a few times and sent some final chasers on July 19th.

The upshot is, that …

  • One club in Championship 1 South expressed an interest, another was going to discuss with the committee.
  • Two clubs in Championship 1 North were really enthusiastic and indeed paid the £120, and another two were very interested and probably 50/50 to contribute.

I made a decision this week, that I cannot take money from just two clubs, when nobody else is paying. So I shall refund Novos and West Park Leeds and go back to being an unfunded, loss making project.

Of course this is very disappointing. When you put the amount of effort and time into something, that I have put into this – so that others may use it as a tool and a platform on which to build greater things … you invest a little bit of yourself into it. To then learn that a Tier 2 team have discussed this and come to the joint decision that your offering is not worth £10 a month, is disheartening.

Going Forward

However. What is important in life is that we put ourselves out there and then we learn from it. I suspect that many believe that I will just continue to work all hours producing content for them and sharing their posts and press releases on social media free of charge, so why bother paying – right? Wrong.

For the 2019/20 season I shall be posting results and standings on Monday mornings. I will get these from the RFU website. So, if you send the wrong details to the RFU and they record the wrong details (missing BPs etc) then it will also be wrong on my website.

FYI – I believe the RFU were adjusting their website to match mine last year. This will no longer happen.

If you are genuinely interested in sending results, with BPs to me for accuracy – then please do send them to me directly on email to .


In April 2020 I will send out another email to see if anybody is interested in trying again. The partnership donation will not only cover the costs of what I do and support the cause, it will give extra functions on the website to those clubs who sign up. Team pages can include sponsor details, all players can have their own individual Player Profile pages, again with sponsor details and links. It’s about giving exposure to your sponsors, which in turn helps them see a return on their investment and encourages them to continue their sponsorship and tell other businesses to do the same.

Have a great season everyone.

Yours in rugby,