Hello world!

As of this morning, Women’s Club Rugby is live on Patreon and you can become a Patron of #WCR – just CLICK HERE and click on the button to ‘Become a Patron’.

In the past 12 months we have had a few attempts at raising sufficient funds to make #WCR viable, and they haven’t quite come off. I do believe that in the future, we will get support from the clubs and we will attract a major sponsor. However, until then – it is up to us to support our own community and drive it forward ourselves.

Let’s do this!

Being a Patron

Being a Patron means making a commitment of at least (you can donate more if you wish), $1 a month to the #WCR machine. This will help pay the bills for things like Hosting, maintenance, support and software licensing costs. It will also pay towards the time that is spent keeping the website up to date. Once we reach around 500 Patrons then we can truly be viable and start looking at expanding the web services.

As a Patron you will be part of the family and can be proud in the knowledge that you are the reason we are still here.

Current Services

Right now #WCR:

  • Upload all Tier 1, 2 and 3 Fixtures at the start of the season.
  • Add all fixtures each week and post them out over social media.
  • Add all results each week and post them out over social media.
  • Update standings every week and post them out over social media
  • Run at least 2 custom tables, one for combined Premier15s 1st & 2nd XV Standings and one for Combined Championship 1 North & South Standings.
  • We run the ‘Find a Club‘ Map page with more than 100 clubs already signed up.
  • We also have an Instagram account where your team can tag us and we will repost.
  • We run a very active Twitter account with nearly 7k followers and constantly share & RT posts by clubs, players and volunteers.

Spread the word

Please share our Patreon page with everyone you know and if you are one of the awesome people who signs up – be sure to let us know and tell everyone you know that you were one of the first!